breathe out

Jan. 4th, 2013 10:21 pm
deplore: (четыре)
breathe out )
fandom: Infinite, Sunggyu-centric (the woogyu is mostly a lie)
length: ~5,250w
rating: PG
summary: For rather silly and petty reasons, Sunggyu takes pilates lessons. Twelve weeks of humiliation, eating like a sad bunny rabbit, and physical agony ensue. This fic also contains the line, “Sunggyu hyung, you have a serious hateboner for Nam Woohyun. Did you know that?”
notes: the reason i wrote this - my friend convinced me to start going to our college’s free weekly pilates lessons in the middle of fall semester. every time i show up, it’s just.... “why... am i here again....... (;▽;)”. this fic is a reflection of that agony, but is definitely not a dig against pilates itself, bc i actually do enjoy it, just not the crippling soreness in the morning afterwards Q___Q
please don’t take anything in this fic seriously hahaha it’s just 5k of me being silly and pointless