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In the year 21XX, the world suddenly shifts, and the lines of reality blur. The effects are subtle, but devastating. )

Destruction Resolution:
Any paradox would cause the destruction of the part of time-space affected by the paradox.
For example, if you travel back to kill your grandfather, you yourself will disappear.
History erases all traces of your existence, and the death would be caused by another reason.
Therefore, from the historical viewpoint, the paradox never occurs.

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Nov. 9th, 2012 12:06 am
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i hate camera )
fandom: exo, suho-centric, kaibaek
length: ~2,000
written for [ profile] seoulfulness, originally posted here, this has minor edits.

various meme things )
fandoms: exo (taoris), infinite (myungyeol), super junior (minwook)
various things i did anon. please don't take them seriously haha. two were originally posted here for a 15 minute challenge and idek where the third one is originally but i remember anons linking to a yahooanswers about a guy having a crisis in which he discovered his girlfriend was his boyfriend and the other person thought he was a girl. so anons suggested minwook for the situation and i was like lol ok and took it too seriously

nice legs, daisy dukes )
the only necessary information about this is that in my gdrive it's titled "haha BUTTS" and it's about chen (and xiumin by proxy) on tumblr :3
(prompt: Chen/Xiumin/Tao. "The two of them running the Official Korean Fanclub for Tao's Butt and Thighs.")