deplore: (два)
when the lights will go out )
fandom: School 2013 - Heungsoo-centric, some Heungsoo/Namsoon
rating: PG-13 (non-explicit sexual content)
length: ~2,500w
summary: There are three Go Namsoons in Heungsoo's mind: there's the Namsoon from before, there's the Namsoon who lives in his dreams, and there's the Namsoon in real life. All of them haunt him in different ways.
notes: i will probably write more of this after s2013 ends. probably! i think a happy ending would be better, haha. i know it ended kind of abruptly, which i did bc i wanted to end it at a good turning point in case i do write more instead of arbitrarily trailing off at the latest episode, if that makes sense? u__u