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fandom: Boyfriend - Donghyun, Youngmin, Kwangmin
length: ~650
rating: PG
description: Kwangmin and Youngmin huddle in front of a space heater, and Donghyun thinks to himself that there is more to their relationship than people can possibly understand.

People often say that their twins are awkward with each other, but Donghyun is not one of them. He thinks that they simply speak to each other in ways that people cannot easily understand. )

fandom: Exo - Baekyeol
length: ~850
rating: PG
description: Chanyeol's hands are cold and Baekhyun's are warm, but Baekhyun lets him hold them together anyway, even though he is not in love.

“The first day it snows, and of course I get caught outside without a winter coat,” Chanyeol says, attempting to crack a joke while he shivers in his lightweight jacket. )

fandom: Infinite - Woohyun
length: ~350
rating: PG
description: When the weather turns cold, Woohyun spends more and more time in the kitchen and finds happiness at the dinner table.

“Winter is a time to feed your body and your soul,” his grandmother once told him, and cooking does feed his soul. )

author's notes: it snowed recently, so i wrote about winter. but honestly, none of these are actually about winter...?  i like the first and third but in the second i got confused about where it was going (haha...ha) because i didn't want to write a typical unrequited-love-for-your-best-friend fic. the third one is fairly personal, but in a vague way. i think maybe some people will know what i mean when i say that, but not everybody, and that's okay! i'm of the opinion that when it comes to writing, people should take things for what they think they are and not worry about what they think the writer wants them to take things for. 

also, i really don't know much about boyfriend but i wish i knew more bc i have been jamming out to janus for the last week. the first is my gut reaction to what i do know about them. this is one of the few things i wrote on paper originally.

even though these are short, i hope they are enjoyable. also, allow me to not-so-subtly advertise this post i made asking for prompts (¬‿¬)