Feb. 9th, 2013

deplore: (два)
kairosclerosis )
fandom: exo, chanyeol-centric (suchan, krisyeol, baekyeol)
length: ~1,800w
rating: pg-13 for non-explicit sexual material
summary: people look at chanyeol like he's something special, but he doesn't see it - maybe that's why he doesn't know how to recognize something special when he's got it. (“you don’t get it,” yifan says, as chanyeol starts unbuttoning his shirt. “it’s because there’s nothing that people look at you - because everybody can just fill in what they want.”)
notes: written for the prompt "He’s not thinking anything. He’s just a heartbreaker; he’s a wolf. He’s a womanizer, a Don Juan, a Casanova — you want all the synonyms? He’s not a mean person, and he’s not unconscious, but he’s not conscious of how much harm he can do to other people. He’s a player, and when he’s looking in other people’s eyes, he needs to see this sparkle, and this look and feel that he is this dominant force, and that he’s the reason for that sparkle.

And these people who want to be loved by everyone, but who can love anyone but themselves, he’s one of those."