Jan. 20th, 2013

exo porn

Jan. 20th, 2013 10:58 pm
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fandom: exo - baektao, krisbaek, kaixing
rating: r (sex) (it's all sex, all of it)
length: 1000w / 1,100w / 400w
summary/notes: it's literally just pwp: kaixing handjobs, krisbaek edging, baektao blowjobs. i don't guarantee quality bc i could not mentally bring myself to proofread these after writing them tbqh. (i am marginally fond of the krisbaek piece bc edging is hot and someday i'm going to write some kinky shit nobody will ever see bc i'll be too embarrassed to post it haha ah...)

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fandom: exo - sukai
length: ~1,500w
rating: pg
summary: written for the prompt "“When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.” ― Donald Miller". best read as a series of drabbles that are loosely connected rather than a coherent piece, tbh. the last part is in commemoration of the epic sukai hug that made me board the ship, haha.