Dec. 23rd, 2012


Dec. 23rd, 2012 11:24 pm
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"the natural progression of things"
fandom: exo - taoris
rating: pg
length: ~800w
for the prompt "tao outgrowing kris but kris still trying to hang on"

theirs is a relationship formed with a careful balance: Tao needs somebody to rely on, and Kris needs somebody to need him. )

"winter is a time for comfort"
fandom: exo - taoris
rating: pg
length: ~950w
the other one was sad so i wrote something not sad to bring balance!

Winter is a season for sharing things that aren’t normally shared, like secrets and blankets, or scarves and dreams. )

"milk tea, peppermint mochas"
fandom: exo - xinglu
rating: pg
length: ~750
this, along with the next three, are things i wrote in celebration of being over with finals!! i wrote them instead of studying for my last final!! so at least if i failed that final i hopefully brought happiness to somebody.... Q___Q all of them have been edited from the original slightly, mostly to get rid of the awkwardness that comes with first drafts haha. this one is for the prompt xinglu coffee shop au.

both of them know that Lu Han has already ordered, as always, a cup of milk tea - but he’ll end up drinking all of Yixing’s coffee anyway. )

fandom: exo - sekai
rating: pg
length: ~750

Jongin likes Sehun because there is just the right amount of similarities and dissimilarities between them.  )

"catch me"
fandom: exo - krisbaek
rating: pg
length: ~950
prompt: airport fancam of kris readjusting baekhyun's beanie.

Baekhyun thinks that he first falls in love in the airport as Exo returns to Seoul from Thailand. )

"the first page of a long book"
fandom: exo - baektao
rating: pg
length: ~750
prompt: first meeting

The first time they meet, Zitao greets Baekhyun with a ninety degree bow and stays in that position for almost ten seconds. Baekhyun knows because he keeps track in his head,  )


Dec. 23rd, 2012 11:43 pm
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"to share & to love"
fandom: exo - chen/kai
rating: pg
length: ~2000
prompt: “Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.”— Bernard Meltzer
the first fic i have ever written chen or kai in aka 2000 words of me going "who r u 2" "i wrote jongdae instead of jongin again sigh" "i wrote jongin instead of jongdae again 6___9" "i wrote jongin instead of jongin ag - oh wait no that's right"

Jongin doesn’t really expect Jongdae to keep his word but every time he comes back from China from then on out, Jongdae comes back with a different present in tow.  )

"the past and the present (night and day)"
fandom: infinite - hoya/dongwoo (side hoya/sunggyu)
rating: pg-13
length: ~1500
prompt: "hoya/dongwoo. a night of sharing where they talks about their past relationships"
proving i am literally incapable of writing infinite fic without inserting my favorite hipster ship in every time. i tried writing in a different style but i don't know that it was particularly effective...

The first girl that Dongwoo fell in love with, he tells Hoya, was without a doubt the most beautiful person that he has ever known.  )