Dec. 12th, 2012

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infinite: woogyu hatesex.
length: ~1800
rated r for obvious reasons
hahaha wow i still can't believe i wrote this /o\ originally written for meme sometime last month.

by the time that Woohyun corners Sunggyu against a wall, his resentment has already been smouldering for far too long. )

- - -

minseok is a nice guy
exo: minseok, lu han
length: ~900
rated: pg.
this was back when we didn't know anything about exo and i didn't really write fanfiction, aka A REALLY LONG TIME AGO. i'm 99.9% sure this will never go anywhere, so i abandoned it :')

There’s a pause; Lu Han frowns slightly, his brow furrowed in thought - “So let’s say, theoretically, there was... I don’t know. A pink elephant outside that you happened to be distracted by.” )