Nov. 9th, 2012


Nov. 9th, 2012 12:06 am
deplore: (шесть)
i hate camera )
fandom: exo, suho-centric, kaibaek
length: ~2,000
written for [ profile] seoulfulness, originally posted here, this has minor edits.

various meme things )
fandoms: exo (taoris), infinite (myungyeol), super junior (minwook)
various things i did anon. please don't take them seriously haha. two were originally posted here for a 15 minute challenge and idek where the third one is originally but i remember anons linking to a yahooanswers about a guy having a crisis in which he discovered his girlfriend was his boyfriend and the other person thought he was a girl. so anons suggested minwook for the situation and i was like lol ok and took it too seriously

nice legs, daisy dukes )
the only necessary information about this is that in my gdrive it's titled "haha BUTTS" and it's about chen (and xiumin by proxy) on tumblr :3
(prompt: Chen/Xiumin/Tao. "The two of them running the Official Korean Fanclub for Tao's Butt and Thighs.")