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vday drabbles

i will write you things for valentine's day. but not because i like you or anything. GOSH!!!
leave me a fandom, pairing and prompt! optional: time limit, wordcount (pls be reasonable is all i ask)

i might not do all of these tonight but i will try to finish them asap!
(also here's your real vday's card
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UM, GOSH, well
i'd love some junminao because i am. apparently a big freak? and i really like reading about their fucked up dynamics.

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[personal profile] eyeballs 2013-02-14 05:47 am (UTC)(link)
anything with riley/volkner.......... (blush)
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uguuu this is beautiful........ thank you dlkgdhlfghk ♥

i'm glad you caved.
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Yeah!! I was just thinking about how I going to spend Valentine's Day alone/with EXO.

Sehun/Tao, predebut days, Tao's lousy Korean
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Prince of Tennis - Shiraishi/Kirihara - confessions.

... or something like that ;;
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kris/tao, journalist au? :3
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Sukai or Seho? And your prompt is... Suho letting whichever maknae you pick think they're in control e‿e
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JUN AND MIN in the highschool AU thing. /hands on cheeks.