raven_lin ([personal profile] raven_lin) wrote in [personal profile] deplore 2013-01-15 05:52 am (UTC)

Episode 12 gave me a whole ton of feels and I have been trolling the Internet to see what others are saying and thinking. Every time Nam Soon and Heung Soo come on the screen everyone demands fic, but I didn't think I'd actually find any. But I found yours, and its really good. It fits in well with the drama, filling in scenes we didn't see and connecting them chronologically with ones we did see. I really like realistic canon fic, since most fic is just the wishes of all us fans imposed upon the people we ship. This adds another layer to the Heung Soon dynamic that was sorta there but vague; Heung Soo totally being gooey eyed over Nam Soon seems more concrete after reading. It evens looks like this is exactly what the writer's were hinting at. I'm looking forward to whatever other School 2013 fics you write, especially with what's unfolded so far. I want to know where Nam Soon's dad is.

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