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ok so i am back and let me just say that i fangirled...a lot /o/~*
i'm a really big fan of this show and the emotional distress it puts me through ;__; so i really enjoyed the way you added actual conversation that went on in the drama and how it plays through heung soo's mind. ugh i died at the double story ;; how nam soon says one thing, but it means another to heung soo (even though the drama is like a homosexual bromance, minus the /cough/ sex stuffs) how you explained how important nam soon was in other ways besides one and the way that he was trying to win back heung soo. for example, the last paragraph where you wrote But he’d never know if Namsoon was doing it because he felt like he had to, or because Namsoon felt the same way about him, too. blurgnjsbgktj ♥

"That answer shouldn’t be allowed, he wants to say. If you talk like that, I’ll end up forgiving you." fndjhjbhjstbhjsthjbtj favorite sentence kjdfbjskrbthjkrt AND THE LAST PARAGRAPH /jumps off a cliff

i was waiting for someone to write a school 2013 fic ;___; especially of these two and i'm so glad i read this! thank you for taking the time to write this beautiful piece ♥ (╯ಊ╰)

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