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oh tai wan mei ; ; minwook/ryeomin is one of my fave couples in suju, and the way you portrayed them here is just flawless. I love their relationship dynamics, and Kyuhyun's little part in one of the . . . parts . . . was reflecting Kyuhyun just like I imagine him in real life, or what he would be like in this situation. there are so many things I could've quoted here that really took my breath away, because I could relate so well and I think a lot of people could've. you're kinda putting words to feelings and thoughts that people have thought of, just that they haven't at the same time. does that make sense? probably not. like, when you describe it, the reader (me included ofc) just pauses and looks up from the screen and is like, "yeah . . . that's true" or "that's exactly how I feel, when I come to think about it". I love when writers manages to do this! stories that makes me think are my favorites, and this story definitely made me think ;u;

then I just have to comment on how beautiful your writing style is, and how you describe the scenery at the same time as you describe their actions, thoughts, dialogue, etc. it's something I don't think I do well myself at all so I'm always so amazed every time I read works by people who does this ahsjdk.

"As he watches and drinks his coffee slowly, he thinks to himself that maybe people are scared of being by themselves because they are scared of who they are when nobody else is looking."
I'm going to think about this for a long time, jsyk. I'm going to ponder it to death. and then I'll e-mail you a picture of my crying face when I finally understand it fully. when you receive the e-mail, remember that you brought this on yourself ; ; it's one of my fave sentences in this piece /cries

to end this comment, I'll just say that I'm going to rec this fic, and I'll put it in my mems. if it's ok with you too, I'll save it to my computer to read whenever I feel sad or deprived of good literature.


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