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wanderlust :)
I've no words, others have said the things I couldn't. Their words are my thoughts. Can I just second the others' comments? haha.
This seems very beautiful, not in just the wording or the plot. But it's made up of the little things they say, or do, or notice about each place. The things they take away from each stop- not one being a destination until home :)
I like how you described the casual, occasional contact they had with other members. That's how I imagine the disbandment. Not half the band being besties and the other half hating each other. But a mutual need for space, and a trickling of assurance so they don't get lost in it all. Everyone will take it different of course, but that is what I can hope.
You do write well, I'm sure you've heard that. But the most important thing that stood out to me was that with how good you are at writing their thoughts, you don't get lost in it. You keep up a good pace of action, thought, and emotion. It's a very steady trickle of information, which makes this easy to read (although the content is sometimes a bit too touching to just read through once).
Okay, I'm done rambling, I didn't intend to reflect so much! But this fic has some very easy to relate to themes, ignoring the band part haha. Yes this will also go on my future rec list as someone else said :D Bye~ (I just realized you posted this a couple weeks ago, awkward lol)

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