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my answer to most of these questions would boil down to "it doesn't really matter" or "you should believe what you think works best" not because i don't think they are questions worth asking - in fact, i'm really happy that you've thought about these things, because they're questions that i really hoped would come up if a person read this - but because i think that yixing, as i wrote him, would answer "it doesn't really matter" to most of them. to questions like, "will zitao live longer or not, and how long will it be until he dies?" "could kris (or lu han, for that matter) and i (yixing) have fallen in love?" "what will lu han do with the letters?" - there's an inherent ambiguity to all of those questions.

i think this sentence gets at what i'm trying to say best: "Yixing sacrifices himself for the people he loves because he believes in fate but Yifan sacrifices himself for the people he loves because he doesn’t, and that makes all the difference." until the end, the yixing in this fic always did what he thought was right, but he also acknowledged that it might not actually make a difference - nevertheless, he made the decisions that he did.

thank you for reading and commenting, and for your questions! ♥ i know that this answer is probably kind of frustrating, but definitely feel free to ask for any clarifications.

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