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on 'the past and the present (night and day)':

this warmed my heart. it's sweet yet sad yet... hopeful, in a way? the why of it is hard to describe, but i always love the way you write hoya. and your a/n, what are you saying, hogyu is one of the greatest hipster ships. i also think the style experimentation was a success: perhaps it might not be sustainable for a longer story, but it worked well for several of my favourite lines/segments:

Instead, she smiles but it is a sad smile. Oppa, I know you don’t like me that way, she says. I like you a lot, oppa, but I can’t go out with you if you don’t like me too or you’ll break my heart again and again and I’ll never be able to leave you because I won’t be able to stop liking you. Thank you for noticing me, Hoya oppa. You already made me feel like the prettiest girl in the world today. But you can’t do this.
there's something i really like about the first line. beauty in simplicity, i suppose?

There is somebody that I like right now, Dongwoo says.
Hoya smiles slightly. Is that so? he asks. There is somebody he likes too.

;~~~; jeez yadong you never give me shipping feelings why are you giving me feelings

What happens in their heads at night is detached from reality - dragging it into the daylight would be unseemly.
this description is strikingly interesting and original and beautiful idek

thank you for such a lovely read ♥

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