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"the natural progression of things"
fandom: exo - taoris
rating: pg
length: ~800w
for the prompt "tao outgrowing kris but kris still trying to hang on"

That Kris and Tao end up in a relationship is merely the natural progression of things. When they first debut, Tao is still inexperienced and sensitive and scared, while Kris is cool and confident and every inch of him a leader. Tao latches onto him and Kris lets him - he usually doesn’t like it when people cling to him too hard, but he finds he doesn’t mind it when it’s Tao, because he is sincere and doesn’t have a hateful bone in his body. Instead of being annoyed, he decides he likes it when Tao comes to him and asks, “Can I tell you something secret?” and he likes it when Tao says, “I’m glad that we met,” and he likes it when Tao blushes and confesses, “I think I’d like to kiss you.”

Kris has always known that theirs is a relationship formed with a careful balance: Tao needs somebody to rely on, and Kris needs somebody to need him. But what Kris realizes that Tao doesn’t is that the moment the balance shifts even slightly, the equilibrium is destroyed and that would be it for them, together. That this will someday happen is another inevitability, because Tao is shy, not unlikeable, and it’s only a matter of time before something in the equation changes.

It starts with Xiumin, and then Baekhyun, and after that the rest seem to come effortlessly. At night, when they lie sides pressed to each other, their conversations change from talking about each other to talking about everybody else: Tao tells him about lunch dates with Baekhyun, the dirty Korean words that Chanyeol and Sehun try to trick him into saying, the tips Kai and Lay give him on his dancing. Kris closes his eyes and has to remind himself that he should be proud of Tao, not jealous of Baekhyun.

“That’s great,” he says every time, and is glad that Tao can’t see his face, because his expression says something completely different: Don’t leave me. Don’t stop needing me. Don’t replace me. Tao never notices, nor was he ever meant to, and Kris knows he should let go now, but it’s not so easy to fall out of love with somebody who doesn’t yet realize that they are not meant to be.

- - -

The moment that Kris knows things have ended should have been one of the happiest moments of his life. They are on stage, and they have just received their first Triple Crown - he and Suho are pushed to the front to receive their award, and together they hold it up, grinning wildly, and around them the other ten are nearly breaking down with happiness. After he finishes giving a quick thank you speech, he is quickly engulfed by Chen and Lay in a group hug, which takes him a few moments to untangle from. The person he really wants to have by his side right now is Tao, and he turns to try to find him and squeeze his hand - he looks around, expecting Tao to be nearby, but Kris after a few moments he realizes that Tao is all the way on the other side of the stage.

Kris convinces himself that it is not desperate to wait for Tao to maneuver his way through the crowd to him, grinning, and say something like, “We did it, we finally made it,” and hug him close, arms squeezing around his waist as if it is the only thing that can reassure him that the moment is real. Instead, he watches as Tao casually slings an arm around Baekhyun’s shoulders and tugs him close, eyes folding into half-moons as Chanyeol comes up from behind them, grinning, and shouts into their ears, “Congratulations, congratulations!” The air catches in Kris’s throat, and suddenly his chest feels strangely tight, and he can’t stop himself from thinking that instead of Baekhyun, it should be him.

It’s only when Chanyeol notices Kris looking over at them and nudges Tao slightly, whispering something into his ear, that Tao lets go of Baekhyun and makes his way across the stage. He stops next to Kris and tugs at his sleeve coyly and says, “The moment’s finally come, hasn’t it?” He smiles, but there’s nothing special in it: it’s the same sort of smile he gives to Lay or even Suho, genuine but missing that certain spark, the something special that comes with being in love.

Kris smiles back, pretends his heart is as hard as he wishes it were, and tries to remind himself that this, too, is merely the natural progression of things. “It has,” he replies, and wishes that he could make himself look away.

- - -

"winter is a time for comfort"
fandom: exo - taoris
rating: pg
length: ~950w
the other one was sad so i wrote something not sad to bring balance!

Winter is a season for sharing things that aren’t normally shared, like secrets and blankets, or scarves and dreams. Something about the cold shakes away even the introvert’s tendency towards being reserved and makes people seek out human comfort as the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, and Kris is no exception. So when Zitao comes to him one afternoon and asks, “Do you want to go on a walk with me?” he ends up forgetting the other things he had been planning to do and finds himself agreeing despite himself - he’ll have to make up for whatever he doesn’t get done later, and probably hate himself a little for it as he’s cramming everything in last-minute, but the way that Zitao’s face lights up when he says yes is worth it, he thinks.

They walk without going anywhere in particular - both of them know the city well enough to wander that they don’t have to worry about getting too lost, and when they’re bundled up so thoroughly in scarves and hats and heavy parkas they’re not as easily recognizable as they usually are. Sometimes Kris feels like he’s almost forgotten how to relax, but when he is with Zitao, like this, the feeling comes easily. All Zitao has to do is reach over and pull him into another sidestreet with a grin on his face and say, “Let’s see where this road goes, okay?” and the tension in his muscles that he hadn’t even realized was there melts away. For the first time in weeks he finds himself not thinking about dance routines or recording sessions, and he’s so used to shouldering responsibility that he’s almost surprised at how light it feels when he lets the burden down from his shoulders, even if only for a few hours.

After a while, they take a turn at an unfamiliar street and find themselves surrounded left and right by vendors at their carts, hawking food loudly and cheerfully. Zitao buys a stick of candied fruit and Kris gets two steamed buns - he cracks a joke about Minseok’s cheeks and Zitao laughs just enough to satisfy his ego. They stop to sit at a bench and eat, taking their gloves off so that they can eat without fumbling all over their food, and they watch people pass them by buy things from the street vendors and their giant steamers and pots and griddles. “It reminds me of being a kid again,” Zitao says, and smiles as he watches a mother buy a skewer of chicken and hand it to her child. “My parents used to buy me breakfast on the street, if we were running late in the mornings.”

In reply, Kris offers him a bite of his steamed bun. “Food’s best when you eat it with others,” he says. Zitao grins and opens his mouth to let Kris feed him, then holds up his candied fruit to do the same in return, and they alternate between feeding themselves and each other until they’ve finished everything they’ve bought and their stomachs are content.

When they’re done, Zitao is about to put his glove but Kris reaches over and grabs his hand before he can - “It’ll be warmer like this,” he insists, even though both of their hands are freezing.

Zitao makes a face and pretends to pout a little, but he folds his hand into Kris’s anyway. “Okay,” he replies. “Let’s go.”

“Where to?” Kris asks.

Zitao shrugs, but Kris had been expecting that, anyway. They pick a random direction and start walking again. They still have no destination in mind, but instinctively they seem to move away from places with a lot of people, and the longer they walk the quieter it seems to get.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Zitao asks suddenly, after they’ve been walking for a while. “Coming out with me, I think.”

Kris shakes his head. “I’m having a good time,” he replies. “Really.”

“Good,” Zitao says, and smiles.

As it starts to get dark, they pass by a park - Kris is about to continue on by it, but Zitao pulls lightly at his arm, so Kris lets him lead them past the gates. It’s a small park, and there isn’t anyone around, but the streetlamps are just starting to come on and the way that the frost on the grass reflects the light is beautiful. “Let’s stay here for a while,” Kris says, and Zitao nods.

They find a bench in the center of the park and sit there in a comfortable silence, admiring their surroundings and taking comfort in each others’ presence. The sides of their legs are pressed together, and they’re still holding hands. “You were right,” Zitao says, tone soft. “It is warmer like this.”

Kris doesn’t reply, but he squeezes Zitao’s hand a little, and Zitao smiles. “Thank you for coming with me today,” Zitao tells him.

“No, thank you,” Kris says. He tilts his head slightly, looks left and right to check for people he knows aren’t there, and then asks, “Is it okay if I kiss you?”

Zitao laughs. “It’s always okay,” he answers, and leans up to meet Kris halfway, eyes closed. It’s a chaste kiss, and their lips are cold, but when they break apart Zitao makes a content little sighing noise that makes Kris inexplicably happy to hear.

They sit there for a while longer, fingers still interlaced, and watch their exhalations turn into misty little clouds of condensation. “Just a few moments more,” Zitao says, even though the sun has almost fully set and their managers back home are probably beginning to worry.

Kris should say no, but instead he closes his eyes and agrees - “Just a few moments more, then.”

- - -

"milk tea, peppermint mochas"
fandom: exo - xinglu
rating: pg
length: ~750
this, along with the next three, are things i wrote in celebration of being over with finals!! i wrote them instead of studying for my last final!! so at least if i failed that final i hopefully brought happiness to somebody.... Q___Q all of them have been edited from the original slightly, mostly to get rid of the awkwardness that comes with first drafts haha. this one is for the prompt xinglu coffee shop au.

At exactly 2:58 in the afternoon, Lu Han slides into the chair across from Yixing’s in the corner booth of the cafe’s that Yixing works at. “Hey,” he greets, tone easy and casual.

“You’re early,” Yixing says, looking up from his composition book.

“Yeah. I got rewarded for good behavior.” Lu Han grins and reaches over to take a sip from Yixing’s mug. “The rest of the research assistants are getting a lecture about how to do a proper cleanup right now.”

“You, well-behaved?” Yixing teases.

Lu Han laughs. “Hey, I can be a good kid if it pays off in the end,” he replies, and takes another sip before putting the mug back down in front of Yixing. “What kind did you get today? It’s good.”

“Peppermint mocha,” Yixing replies.

“Maybe I should get that too,” Lu Han says thoughtfully, even though both of them know that he has already ordered, as always, a cup of milk tea - but he’ll end up drinking all of Yixing’s coffee anyway. “So, what’s up with you? Busy day?”

Yixing shrugs. “Not really - the cafe’s been slow this afternoon. Though, that reminds me, I had something I wanted to ask you.”

“Shoot,” Lu Han says.

“So, Kris wants to start having performances here,” Yixing says. “To, you know, attract a crowd and maybe tap into a new group. I said I could play the guitar and I was wondering... if maybe you would want to do a performance too? It doesn’t have to be serious or anything. And we can’t really afford to pay you at this point, either.”

“Hmm. No money? Then what’s in it for me?” Lu Han asks, though he’s not serious.

Yixing smiles haplessly and shrugs. “Free drinks?”

“You already get me free drinks,” Lu Han says.

There’s a pause. “Oh yeah,” Yixing replies, as if he is only just remembering that fact now. “More free drinks?”

“I’m already perilously close to the edge of a full-blown caffeine addiction. Please don’t push me over the cliff,” Lu Han says wryly.

“Well, it’s your choice,” Yixing says, even though they both know that Lu Han is just playing around - there are not many people in the world that Lu Han is incapable of saying no to, but Yixing is one of them, which is all the more telling because Yixing is one of those rare people honestly doesn’t mind being denied. “I know you’re really busy, and the whole performances thing is just an idea floating around right now.”

Lu Han sneaks another sip of Yixing’s peppermint mocha before replying, “No, no, I’ll do it. You can pay me with your undying adoration.”

“I already do that too,” Yixing says, and Lu Han laughs.

“Since when are you so charming? Should I start worrying that the girls you make coffee are going to get the wrong idea?” he teases.

“I’m pretty sure I’m the one who should say that to you,” Yixing replies, and quirks his head over at the table with three girls who are trying - failing - to discreetly ogle them.

Lu Han gives no indication that he’s noticed. Zitao, the other barista, comes over and puts a cup of milk tea at their table and they exchange quick, cheerful greetings. For a while, the two of them pass time idly - Yixing writes in his composition book as Lu Han pulls out his notes and goes over them, both of them occasionally looking up and making offhanded comments at each other. Lu Han drinks Yixing’s coffee and ignores his own cup of milk tea, but Yixing doesn’t mind. They’re quiet, but it’s a comfortable quiet, and both of them work uninterrupted for almost half an hour until Lu Han’s phone buzzes and he unlocks it to read the text - after a moment he sighs and slips it back into his pocket, shoving his notes back into his bag and pulling his coat on. “Sorry, I have to go,” he apologizes. “I’m needed in the lab, apparently. We’ll meet up later, right? I’ll text you when I’m done.”

Yixing hums in affirmation. Lu Han gets up and leans over, pressing a kiss to Yixing’s cheek that lasts just long enough that it can’t possibly be interpreted as being just friendly. When Lu Han straightens up again, he makes a point of looking over at the three girls who had been staring at them and smiling. “See you later,” he says, and Yixing smiles slightly, giving a half-wave as a farewell.

The cup of milk tea sits at the table, still warm.

- - -

fandom: exo - sekai
rating: pg
length: ~750

The first time their year line is broken up into different classes, Jongin ends up in A class and Sehun in B class. The difference between the two classes is vast – the trainees in B class fight just to get into A class the next time around, and in A class trainees fight to earn the right to debut. Being in A class is no guarantee at success, but staying in B class for too long means certain failure.

“Good job,” Sehun says as they read over the lists. “I figured you’d get in.”

Jongin, though, purses his lips and frowns. “You should be in A class too,” he says.

“Next time, maybe,” Sehun replies. He shrugs and then smirks. “Don’t replace me with some A class kid, alright? Wait for me.”

“Then you’d better end up in A class next time,” Jongin says, but Sehun just laughs.

- - -

Jongin likes Sehun because there is just the right amount of similarities and dissimilarities between them. They’re both tall for their age, but Sehun is slender where Jongin is a little more built. They’re both dancers, but they prefer different styles. When Jongin presses his arm against Sehun’s his skin is tan where Sehun’s is pale. They laugh at the same kind of things even though the kinds of jokes they make aren’t. They both like to drink flavored milk more than they ought to, but Jongin likes strawberry best and Sehun likes banana.

He doesn’t mind their contrasts – in fact, they’re more reason that he finds Sehun interesting as a person – but he wishes there were just one more thing that they could have in common: he wants Sehun to make it into A class, probably even more than Sehun wants it.

- - -

The second sorting comes along. Again, Sehun’s put in B class, and again Sehun shrugs impassively and says, “Next time, I guess.”

“You know they say if you don’t make it to A class by the third time, you’re done,” Jongin says, careful to keep his tone even and unemotional.

Sehun tilts his head slightly and sighs. “I’ll make it,” he says. There is not much conviction in his voice.

Jongin doesn’t believe him. Without thinking about it, he reaches out and grabs Sehun by the wrist – Sehun tries to shake him, but Jongin’s grasp is firm and Sehun’s wrist is thin. “I know you could get into A class,” Jongin says. “You could’ve from the very start. You just aren’t trying hard enough. Or am I the only one who wants us both to debut together?”

Sehun stares for a few moments, and Jongin returns his gaze evenly. “I said I’ll make it,” Sehun finally replies, and this time, Jongin can hear a resolve in his tone that he hadn’t before.

It’s quiet for a few moments. “I’m sorry,” Jongin says, and lets Sehun’s wrist go.

“Don’t be,” Sehun replies. He smirks. “Next time. You’ll see.”

- - -

Usually it’s Jongin who asks Sehun to practice with him, but things reverse and for the next few months it’s Sehun who drags Jongin to the practice rooms every day. “Critique me, tear my technique apart, I don’t mind,” Sehun says. So Jongin does, not bothering to soften the corners of his words when he points out where Sehun’s shoulders need to be more level, or his legs need to be positioned differently, or he’s just not tapping into the right feel for the kind of music he’s supposed to perform to. Sehun, to his credit, keeps a level head and separates Jongin from Jongin’s criticism, and no matter how harsh Jongin is on him, their friendship never wavers. After each practice, they slump against the practice room and prop their heads up on each other’s shoulders in exhaustion and sit together. Sometimes they share earbuds, listening to music together until they’re ready to get back up again.

“You’re gross and sweaty. Stop touching me,” Sehun mutters every time, even though he doesn’t move from Jongin’s side.

Jongin laughs, and decides that he likes Sehun’s expression best when Sehun is determined.

- - -

The third list goes up. Jongin and Sehun’s names are both on the A Class list.

“I told you I could do it,” Sehun says, and elbows Jongin in the ribs lightly. He looks down for a moment – a rare show of uncertainty for him – before he looks back up and murmurs, “Thanks, Jongin.”

Jongin smiles in return.

- - -

"catch me"
fandom: exo - krisbaek
rating: pg
length: ~950
prompt: airport fancam of kris readjusting baekhyun's beanie.

Baekhyun thinks that he first falls in love in the airport as Exo returns to Seoul from Thailand. It’s early in the morning and Baekhyun could barely sleep on the flight back, so as they go down the escalator from the terminal to the luggage claim he slips a little and starts falling back. Ah, shit, this is going to hurt, says one part of his brain and God, I hope no fancams catch this moment, says another as he prepares himself for the imminent embarrassment of falling on his ass in front of all his bandmates.

Unexpectedly, though, somebody catches him from behind, grabbing him by the shoulders and steadying him until he’s regained his center of gravity. “Thanks,” Baekhyun mutters, and looks up – it’s Kris.

“No problem,” Kris replies, and gives him a half-smile before reaching over to readjust Baekhyun’s hat back level. “Be careful, okay?”

Baekhyun’s mouth feels strangely dry. “Yeah, I’ll try,” he says, and tries his best to return the smile. He doesn’t realize until Kris looks away again that his heart’s beating a little faster.

- - -

He doesn’t make anything of it until a week later, when he wakes up and realizes that he just had a dream about Kris. He can’t remember exactly what went on in it – he has never been very good at recalling his dreams – but he does know that Kris was in it, and that he was absurdly good-looking, and he is fairly certain that dream-himself was having mortifying thoughts like wow I’d really like to kiss those lips.

Baekhyun rolls over and attempts to smother himself in his pillow. “What the fuck, me,” he says. “I refuse to have a schoolgirl crush on somebody who has a face as stupidly attractive as Kris Wu.”

On the other side of the room, Chanyeol snores.

- - -

Baekhyun has rules when it comes to crushes, the first and foremost of which is that he always waits at least three weeks before making any sort of move. There is no reason to assume, he always tell himself, that this will be the be-all end-all of crushes. There is always the possibility it is only a passing infatuation – in fact, most of his high school crushes lasted less than two weeks – so he likes to be certain that he is sure he really does like the person in question before trying anything. When exactly twenty-four days pass and he still thinks that Kris’s face is stupidly attractive, and that he likes it that Kris is kind of a gigantic tryhard, and that it’s kind of cute that Kris tries so hard to be suave and cool but fails constantly because he is a socially awkward softie, he decides that it’s about time to start doing something about it.

His second is that he always makes it very clear when he’s flirting. He’s not a fan of being coy and indirect in either direction because there is so much that can be misinterpreted between the lines. His last, and perhaps most important, is he tries his best to never have any hard feelings over being rejected, especially when the person who rejects him is somebody he’ll have to see afterwards.

“You have the most utilitarian approach to flirting and dating I have ever heard,” Chanyeol tells him once. Baekhyun just laughs and shrugs, though, because it’s always worked just fine for him.

Deciding is the easy part - now he has to do is bite the bullet and actually do something. So one morning, when both K and M are free – a rare occasion – he goes over to their dorm, knocks on the door, and grins at Zitao when he answers the door. “Hey, can I come in?” he asks. Zitao smiles and lets him in, and he passes a few minutes exchanging casual greetings with Zitao before asking him, “Do you know where Kris is?”

“Duizhang? He’s reading in the living room, I think,” Zitao says, and blinks a few times. “Why?”

“Just wondering,” Baekhyun replies, and smiles before he goes off to the living room. Just as Zitao thought, Kris is there, sitting on the couch and flipping through a book, only looking up when Baekhyun sits himself on the other end of the couch and nudges him gently.

“Hey, duizhang,” Baekhyun says, tone carefully easy-going. “Wanna go get lunch together?”

Kris stares for a few moments, but then he closes his book and says, “Sure, why not? Where do you want to go?”

“Noodles?” Baekhyun suggests, so Kris pulls on his coat and they go down the street and eat noodles together.

- - -

Three weeks and approximately two lunch dates and four coffee dates later, Baekhyun works up his nerve as they are walking together back to the dorms and – careful to stay out of sight of any people who might come looking around SM in hopes of seeing idols or trainees – he puts his hands on Kris’s shoulder to push him down slightly as he stands on his tiptoes and presses a kiss to Kris’s lips. Kris does not resist.

When he lets go, he smiles hesitantly and asks, “So, are we, you know. Going out or something?”

Kris smiles back. “I think we are,” he replies, and Baekhyun grins as he pulls Kris in for another kiss.

- - -

“Man,” Jongin murmurs to Lu Han as they watch Kris following Baekhyun around the dorms a few days later. “Kris hyung is like, so whipped.”

Lu Han laughs. “And you’re surprised?”

Jongin has to admit he has a point.

- - -

"the first page of a long book"
fandom: exo - baektao
rating: pg
length: ~750
prompt: first meeting

The first time they meet, Zitao greets Baekhyun with a ninety degree bow and stays in that position for almost ten seconds. Baekhyun knows because he keeps track in his head, from the moment that Zitao’s head is level with his back until he starts straightening up – he doesn’t even count the time it takes for Zitao to start lowering his head and bring it back up again. “You’re very polite, aren’t you?” Baekhyun says. “Well, at least I’ll have one well-behaved dongsaeng in this group.”

Zitao blinks a few times. “Is that a good thing?” he says. His Korean is harsh around the edges, but Baekhyun thinks he’s not too bad at speaking, all things considered.

Baekhyun laughs. “It’s a good thing,” he answers. “Very, very good.”

“Oh,” says Zitao, and smiles a little as he sighs in relief. “Anyway it’s, um – it’s nice to meet you, Baekhyun hyung. I hope we get along well.”

Baekhyun nods and then replies, “Your personality… doesn’t really match your image, does it?”

Zitao tilts his head to the side. “What is my image?” he asks.

“Well, you look kind of… tough, I guess?” Baekhyun says, trying to find a nice way to say you look like you could beat me up six ways to Sunday. Zitao looks confused again, so Baekhyun hastily adds, “It’s a good thing. I think.” There’s a pause, then – “How long have you been studying Korean, Zitao?”

“I have studied a few months,” Zitao says. He seems a little embarrassed. “I’m sorry. I know I’m still not very good.”

“No, don’t apologize. I mean, I’ve been studying Chinese for about that long and I’m just terrible,” Baekhyun replies. “Well, if you ever need somebody to talk to or ask anything, feel free to come to me. If I can come to you if you need help with Chinese?” He grins encouragingly and Zitao gives him a hesitant smile in return.

The only thing that Baekhyun knows about Zitao before now – besides that he’s a Chinese trainee who’s apparently seriously talented in some form of martial arts – are second-hand rumors from Sehun, who once off-handedly mentioned, “Lu Han hyung says he’s a good kid and shy and is kind of sensitive, I guess? I don’t know how you stay sensitive in this industry. I stopped emotionally caring what people said about me, like, three weeks into being a trainee. But anyway, yeah, he doesn’t have a lot of friends because of it.” Having exchanged only a few sentences, Baekhyun can tell it’s probably all true, and he feels a pang of sympathy. It’s already hard enough becoming a trainee, but having to come overseas to a different country and language and culture – Baekhyun can’t help but admire that kind of resolve.

“Hey, let’s exchange numbers,” Baekhyun says, and pulls out his cell phone, unlocking it and handing it over so Zitao can put his number in. He smiles encouragingly as Zitao struggles to key in the right characters for his Korean name and adds, “Let’s get together sometime and do something fun, alright? I’ll treat you to coffee or something.”

Zitao smiles so widely that his eyes fold up in the corners, and Baekhyun gets the feeling he just made Zitao’s week. “Okay,” Zitao replies. “I would like that.”

“I’ll text you sometime, then,” Baekhyun promises. “Or should I call? Would that be easier?”

“No, texting is fine,” Zitao replies. “I think I can read a little better than I can understand.”

“Alright, then I’ll text,” Baekhyun says, and can’t help but think to himself he’s kind of cute like an overeager puppy when Zitao nods enthusiastically in return.

“Baekhyun hyung, I have to go to lessons now, but it was nice to meet you,” Zitao says, and smiles. “Let’s work hard so we can debut together soon.” They’re words that Baekhyun’s heard from dozens of other trainees, so often that they’ve begun to lost meaning for him, but when Zitao says them Baekhyun can tell that he means them.

“Yeah, let’s,” he replies, and they exchange farewells and grins before Zitao turns to hurry off to his lesson.

- - -

“I met Zitao today,” Baekhyun mentions offhandedly to Sehun as they sit slouched against one of the dance practice rooms.

“So, what’d you think?” Sehun asks as he pokes a hole in a carton of banana milk to stick the straw in.

Baekhyun scoffs and grins. “Better than you,” he teases.

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the other one was sad so i wrote something not sad to bring balance!

lol ilu.the first one... :'( it's so heartbreaking...but it's my fave out of all.I guess I just love angsty taoris??

and the baektao one is cute ● 3 ● heh, esp the part where he teased sehun about tao being better than him hahaha!

thanks for sharing, dear ♡xxx

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thank you for reading & commenting! (^▽^) i'm glad you enjoyed them