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assorted meme fics/abandoned fics

infinite: woogyu hatesex.
length: ~1800
rated r for obvious reasons
hahaha wow i still can't believe i wrote this /o\ originally written for meme sometime last month.

By the time that Woohyun corners Sunggyu against a wall, his resentment has already been smouldering for far too long: there is a small part of him that wants him to be the better person, to be happy for Sunggyu for getting something that he deserves, but that voice is drowned in the feelings of anger, of jealousy, of bitterness - until something in him snaps and he finds himself pressing an open-mouth kiss to Sunggyu’s lips, aggressive and heady. Sunggyu moans appreciatively, and normally he would be encouraged to coax out every last sound he can, but today it just makes him hateful.

“What’s gotten into you today?” murmurs Sunggyu when they break for air.

“It’s nothing,” he says, but he sounds so unconvincing he thinks maybe he shouldn’t have answered at all.

“You’re not mad at me because of my solo album, are you?” asks Sunggyu. It’s a rhetorical question - the next second he snorts and laughs. “Oh my god. You’re jealous, aren’t you, Woohyun?”

Instead of answering, though, Woohyun shakes his head. He expects Sunggyu to say something like, “Oh, your time will come” - words that won’t make him feel better in the least - he’s a little surprised instead when Sunggyu smirks and says, “Are you finally realizing your inadequacies now? It’s about time, isn’t it?”

“Who are you to talk to me about inadequacies?” Woohyun snaps back, so quickly and sharply that he almost doesn’t think about it before the words tumble out.

“Maybe you would get chances like I do if you could just sing better,” Sunggyu says, and sneers. It’s not an expression that fits his face well but Woohyun doesn’t notice that, he only pays attention to the way that Sunggyu’s lips curl up disdainfully.

Woohyun snorts and replies, “More like I should learn whose dicks to suck, am I right?” He runs his mouth, teeth bared, across Sunggyu’s jawline and down throat and pays close attention to the way that he tries - fails - not to shiver.

“Please,” mutters Sunggyu, and it doesn’t escape Woohyun how his voice shakes slightly. “Even if I gave you a list, it’s not like you would even be able to convince them anyway.”

In response, Woohyun puts his hands on Sunggyu’s waist and forces him onto his knees. With forced casualness he unzips his pants with one hand, keeping hold of the back of Sunggyu’s head with his other - “If you’re such a professional, why not show me how it’s done?” he replies mockingly.

Sunggyu sighs and Woohyun is irrationally annoyed at how patronizing it sounds. Without saying anything, Sunggyu pulls his pants and boxers off. He carefully takes Woohyun’s dick into his hand before leaning over to put its tip into his mouth, rubbing up and down lightly as he swirls his tongue across the head. It’s slow and tortuous and Woohyun gets hard embarrassingly quickly, but he fights to keep his tone even as he says, “You’re not bad. I bet you’re popular with the executives, aren’t you?”

There is no response. Instead, Sunggyu concentrates on taking more and more of Woohyun’s cock in - with each bob of his head he gets a little closer to the base, moving his hands so they’re pressed flat against Woohyun’s hips. Woohyun is almost content to watch his dick getting slowly engulfed further and further into Sunggyu’s mouth, where it’s hot and slick and tight, but almost without thinking he is suddenly seized with the desire to thrust - so he does. Sunggyu chokes around him, obviously taken off guard, and his throat seems to clench around Woohyun so tightly that he goes a little light-headed.

Vaguely, Woohyun wonders how wrecked Sunggyu’s voice will be if he keeps deepthroating him, so he winds his fingers into Sunggyu’s hair to stop him from being able to move his head back too far and thrusts again. He thinks that it will be the last time and then he’ll let go, maybe even apologize afterwards, but instead thoughts of how unfair it is float up into his mind and he grasps at Sunggyu’s hair even harder (what a stupid color, I hate this color, of course they’d have to dye it again just for the album cover -) and lets his hips buck up wildly, pushing in so that he can feel the back of Sunggyu’s throat with each movement. Sunggyu makes half-muffled noises with every thrust and Woohyun can’t tell if they are from pain or not but they send vibrations straight up his dick and he physically cannot bring himself stop until he feels like he’s about to come: at that point he lets Sunggyu go and pulls out, coming in thick spurts that land all over Sunggyu’s lips and face.

Delicately, Sunggyu brings a hand up to his cheeks and wipes some of it off. “God, you’re disgusting,” he says, but his voice is wrecked and Woohyun can’t help but feel vindicated by it.

“You’re the one who let me,” he retorts. “Do you just let anybody who wants to be sucked off fuck your throat?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Sunggyu replies, and then closes his eyes because Woohyun has casually brought a socked foot up to brush against Sunggyu’s crotch. Even though he’s still dressed, there is the unmistakable sign of a hard-on, and just the slightest touch drops Sunggyu from his knees onto his ass. He manages to stay upright, but Woohyun uses the advantage of gravity to add more pressure.

“You’re getting harder, you freak,” Woohyun says accusingly. “Would you come in your pants if I kept stroking you like this? With just my foot? Fucking repulsive.”

“No,” says Sunggyu, too fast and too panicked - Woohyun knows at this moment that in the battle for control, Sunggyu has just ceded. “No,” Sunggyu repeats, this time a little more collected, but it’s too late. “Stop it, stop.

Woohyun shrugs and puts his foot back on the floor, but then he kneels over and undoes the top button on Sunggyu’s pants. “Should I fuck your ass or your thighs?” he asks as he starts taking Sunggyu’s pants off. “I’ve always thought it would be fun to fuck your thighs.”

Sunggyu closes his eyes and doesn’t say anything. “No answer? I guess you’re not as into that as I thought. Your ass it is, then,” Woohyun says, tone openly derisive, and he holds up a hand to Sunggyu’s face - Sunggyu scowls, but he opens his mouth and starts sucking at his fingers: they haven’t planned this out and there’s no better option for lube, and Sunggyu will take what he can get. After a few moments Woohyun slides his fingers out, maneuvering Sunggyu onto his hands and knees on the floor before pushing a finger into his hole.

Even preparing him, Woohyun moves too fast and too roughly, but when he pushes up at just the right angle the tiny noises of discomfort melt into a moan. Taking advantage of the moment, he takes his fingers out and pushes in, taking only a few seconds to let Sunggyu adjust before he starts thrusting, hard and fast and inelegant: the moment he starts moving, Sunggyu makes a sound that may have been the start of a protest, but it turns into breathless little noises that just egg him on even more.

“I’m going to come,” Sunggyu gasps, and it’s too soon (or at least, to Woohyun, it feels that way - it could have been hours that passed and he still would have sworn it was a few seconds) and he’s not thinking straight. He growls, deep in his throat, and reaches over to grasp Sunggyu’s dick in his hand but it’s not gentle: he makes a circle around the base and squeezes, because it’s still not enough yet, Sunggyu’s not allowed to come yet -

“You can’t,” Woohyun snarls, and he can feel Sunggyu’s cock twitch as his body tries to come, but nothing comes out: Sunggyu makes a strangled moan, but stays hard, and to Woohyun that’s all that matters for the moment. It only takes a few moments until Sunggyu starts building up to orgasm again; Woohyun can start to feel Sunggyu shuddering underneath him.

“Woohyun,” Sunggyu chokes out, voice heavy and thick. “Woohyun, please, please let me come, oh god oh god please, I’m begging you Woohyun -”

But in response, Woohyun pushes Sunggyu’s hips up higher so he can thrust deeper; Sunggyu’s pleading dissolves into incomprehensible noises. He lowers his head closer to Sunggyu’s ear and murmurs, “You call that begging? And here I thought you would be an expert on that, by now.”

In response, Sunggyu groans and throws his head back so roughly he almost collides with Woohyun’s nose. “Please,” he says, “Woohyun, I’m serious, please, you have to let me, I -”

I’m a talentless slut and the only reason they let me sing is because I let them fuck me,” Woohyun recites, the first thing that comes to mind. “Say it. Fucking say it and I’ll let you come.”

“I’m a talentl - ah - talentless slut and the only reason...” Sunggyu trails off momentarily; Woohyun puts a little more pressure on his cock and he jerks back to attention with a low groan. “And the only reason they let me sing is because I let them fuck me now let me come, you bastard,” he says in a single breath, the sentence falling out so haphazardly that Woohyun can barely make out each individual word, but when Sunggyu says it he comes, and seconds later lets go of Sunggyu so that he follows.

Sunggyu collapses, boneless, after Woohyun pulls out and lets go of him. A few minutes pass as they try to put their thoughts back together and catch their breath, until finally Sunggyu rolls over and says, “You’re outrageous, do you know that? You should be glad I like you, because if I didn’t, I’d kill you right now.”

“I know,” Woohyun says, because he knows he should feel ashamed (he doesn’t), and that he should also feel like a shitty bandmate and an even shittier boyfriend, because Sunggyu probably thinks it was all an act, something to spice up their sex life, except that Woohyun meant all of it. Instead, though, Woohyun thinks about how hoarse Sunggyu’s voice will be tomorrow morning, and he feels like he can finally breathe again.

- - -

minseok is a nice guy
exo: minseok, lu han
length: ~900
rated: pg.
this was back when we didn't know anything about exo and i didn't really write fanfiction, aka A REALLY LONG TIME AGO. i'm 99.9% sure this will never go anywhere, so i abandoned it :')

“So, you’re our RA,” Lu Han says.

Minseok raises an eyebrow, wondering idly why Lu Han would bring up something like that. “Um, yeah. That I am.”

“Which means you’re the one who enforces the rules and all that.”

“I guess so, yeah.”

“And... since you’re being paid to do it and all, it’s not likely that you’d turn a blind eye to a friend’s rule-breaking ways. Like, in the interest of fairness and all that.”

By now, Minseok has more or less predicted where this conversation is going - Lu Han has been complaining about the dorm’s visitation rules for weeks now, always talking about how overly stringent they are about allowing non-residents in - but he smiles and decides to humor Lu Han for a while anyways. “It wouldn’t be right, if that’s what you’re saying.”

“But if you didn’t know about any rule-breaking, that would be different, right?”

“Hmm. Theoretically, if I didn’t know, I couldn’t really report it, I guess,” Minseok replies.

There’s a pause; Lu Han frowns slightly, his brow furrowed in thought - “So let’s say, theoretically, there was... I don’t know. A pink elephant outside that you happened to be distracted by.”

“I don’t know about that,” Minseok says, twisting his expression into an exaggerated look of seriousness. “I’m not much for pink, so I’m not sure how distracted I would be by a pink elephant.”

“Maybe it’s green, then,” Lu Han suggests.


“Well, at any rate, you happen to be distracted by it for a few moments. You’re looking out the window very, very intently. Because, you know, it’s really big and green and not in a cage. And you definitely can’t see anything going on in the hallway because of that, since you’re turned to stare at this gigantic weird elephant.”

“Well, there really were a green elephant, that would be a pretty normal thing to do, wouldn’t it?”

“And, say,” Lu Han continues, “in that moment, somebody broke a rule. But you didn’t see it. So you couldn’t do anything about it, right?”

Minseok smiles and shrugs. “Like I said, if I didn’t see it and nobody else saw it either, there’s not much I can do.”

“I see,” Lu Han says, nodding once or twice. “Well, thanks.”

“Was this conversation helpful?” Minseok asks, a certain spark of knowing in his eyes.

“Very helpful. I knew I could count on you,” Lu Han says, giving Minseok a rather conspicuous wink before waving his farewell.

- - -

A week later, Minseok is at in his usual table off to the side of the common room when Lu Han quietly comes in and sits down nearby. For half an hour he studies quietly as Minseok reads a paperback somebody’s left behind (How To Win Friends And Influence People - he has his suspicions on who it belongs to), when suddenly Lu Han puts his pencil down, checks his cell phone, and then looks up at Minseok.

“Oh my god, look at that - in the window,” Lu Han says, with an impressively serious expression. “In the window. I think it’s... is that an elephant? It’s green.”

“A green - oh,” he says, bewildered for a few moments before he remembers their last conversation. He makes a point of looking out the window intently, turning his whole body so his back faces the rest of the common room - of course, though, there is nothing actually there. “Oh, yeah. Wow, that’s... that’s really something.”

There’s an awkward pause. Minseok willfully pretends that any footsteps he hears are definitely and entirely his imagination.

“I,” he adds loudly, “I, um. Wow. Never seen anything like that in my whole life!”

Still silence: he is starting to feel mildly ridiculous and idly wonders how much longer he needs to keep up the farce.

“I bet this’ll be on the news tonight,” he continues, tone a little weaker than before.

He is relieved when Lu Han’s grave look finally breaks and he smiles warmly at Minseok. “Oh, I’m sure it won’t, the local government wouldn’t be happy if there were reports of strange elephants wandering around. It really reflects poorly on their city management, you know?” Lu Han says cheerfully, picking his pencil back up and shoving it into his backpack along with his notes as he gets up to leave. “I’m sure the others wouldn’t believe us if we told them about it, right? It’ll be our little secret, ‘kay?”

“Right, right,” Minseok says, rubbing the back of his neck with the smallest of sighs. “Our little secret.”

“See you later, Baozi!” Lu Han says, smiling widely as he scurries out of the common room. Even though Minseok still feels kind of silly about the whole thing, he can’t help but smile too - something about Lu Han’s sheer excitement over his plan’s success is a little infectious, to the point where he even forgets to tell Lu Han off about the whole baozi thing.

- - -

That night, just before Minseok’s usual evening shift is over, Lu Han stops by the common room again, smiling as he sets a cup of bubble tea in front of Minseok. “Here, for you,” he says.

“Huh? Oh, thanks, you shouldn’t have,” Minseok says, even though the look on his face shows that he’s not-so-secretly thrilled about the surprise treat.

“It’s not from me,” Lu Han replies breezily. “Let’s just say... a certain somebody thought you might like it. A certain green somebody?”

“Hmm,” Minseok says as he pokes a hole in the top with the straw. “A certain green somebody. Wouldn’t happen to have a very long nose and very big ears, would he?”

“Maybe, maybe.”

As Minseok sips on his bubble tea, he muses on whether or not good things seem to come around to people who do nice things for others or if he just has very nice friends. Personally, he’s inclined to believe there’s no reason it can’t be both.

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wow just wanna say I really really love your woogyu ;-;
it pretty much fits my secret headcanon of Woohyun, yeah

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