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SCREAM THIS IS SO ADORABLE, I'M SO HAPPY YOU WROTE A SEQUEL omg i enjoyed this sooooo much, both fics were so cute but my favourites being featured in this one (chen, chanyeol, etc) makes me a little biased U MADE THEM SO DELIGHTFUL. ugh kris and his bros and his bros making fun of him and his adorable awkward life whyyyyyyyy so cute omgg because all of them know that Kris is the type of person who apologizes when he accidentally high-fives somebody too hard. this is so accurate THE WHOLE INTRO WAS SF CUTE DYING "gigantic homosexual loser" slkadjflaksdl I LOVE JONGDAE WHAT A STAR. also the part about kris's mother d y i n g so good. also A+ trope shout-out re: "most of this school is transfer students"

So Chanyeol recruits their friends to his cause and bothers Kris every free moment for the rest of the month. UGH NO SERIOUSLY i reveled in every bit of hilarious bffery in this fic, chanyeol and chen and I LOVE MINSEOK SO CALM AND YET and lmfao kris ~annoyance zen~. yixing was fucking gold in all of his scenes alksdfl HIS AUTOCORRECT, BEING A STRAY CAT OMFG THE CUTEST??? his dumb earnest "it would make you happy" and ~AGE IS TRANSITORY~ and ofc A SONG ABOUT JERKING HIM OFF CRY omg writing a comment is so hard when all i want to do is paste a line and then write "LOL" next to it TT____TT

the whole taoris part was so so precious and they were both SO CUTE alskdfjlaskdj i love your awkward repressed kris, i love that this is his first date and that puberty is the only thing that saved him from being a social outcast.

“Kris and Zitao sitting in a tree,” Chanyeol sings, “K-I-S-S-I-N-G, and guess what? It’s all thanks to me!” / “Nice rhyme,” Jongdae says as Minseok offers Chanyeol a high-five and Yixing nods in approval of his impromptu composition.

this is possibly my most favourite chanyeol part but there were so many good parts T__T

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