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leave me prompts!

i'm not sure how much response this will get bc i don't really friend people with this account, but! i like a little direction when i decide what to write, so i'm opening up to prompts. actually, if i have prompts i tend to write much faster, too. prompts of any sort are fine; i would love it if they could include a pairing and some sort of idea (it could be a plot, song lyrics, a challenge to write in a certain style, including certain words) but even just one or the other would do. i cannot guarantee quality nor quantity, but i will definitely try my best (❁´◡`❁)

groups i will almost definitely write for: exo, super junior, infinite
groups i could be persuaded to write for: u-kiss, boyfriend, ze:a, shinee (one of these does not belong...)
if there are any you're not sure about, just ask and i will let you whether or not i am familiar with/feel comfortable writing about that group.

anon posting should be on, although they will be initially screened. i do not log ips.

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