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i am about to ramble all over you i'm sorry :(

this is really, really good. i'd been watching a lot of space exploration-themed movies and craving something like this, and i like how it focuses on the training and bonding side, because it is totally a parallel for being an idol (or you make it parallel, but either way it works). i love how you build the characters and establish relationships in the first part and then show the emotional side of things in the second part: hoya telling gyu to cry, sungyeol wanting to fall in love, the part where they go to a field before they leave ;~~~; you have this way of making a character study without it sounding didactic or like meta? just like you're describing the person and that's how they are, and all of it rings true. the tension in the last part made my arms hurt because it gave me that "this is real, there's no turning back" feeling as if it were happening irl. and then the very end is so bittersweet, all that hope and fear and optimism and uncertainty. (the switch to second person is perfect.)

anyway yes, thank you for writing this ;~;

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