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this.. is amazing.... I couldn't even believe my self that I was crying while reading the ending starts from Dongwoo's journal, while I am definitely not the type to cry easily...
I don't know much about the astronout things or space things, but you wrote it that it looks authentic enough for me, and I can totally picture the situation
The characters were very much similar to the boys' characters that I get, and it's really easy to imagine them as what you wrote, it feels like I was watching a documentary of their bounding... I like how you described Myungsoo as the one who demanded himself to be a cool and calm guy, how Sunggyu looks superior but actually have insecurities in his heart and also what he did with the mirror, then Sungjong as someone who is totally proud of his self and he knows that he's the best in taking care of the members... I actually love how you described them all, but since these three are my favorites, they're my highlight :)
The ending was so beautifully written, it was sad, indeed, but if I look at it from the other perceptive it was a happy end too, that they, like what Dongwoo said, end it together... and omo, I am being sad again writing that... I totally love your way to end this, not telling what happened directly, but not confusing us the readers as well... urrrgh... idek, I am sad again...

anyway, thank you very much for writing this amazing piece... I have read this since back then when you first posted it, but I just have the time to comment now... so, yeah.. I was sad for many times reading this, but I am always amazed on how this is so prettily beautifully and perfectly written...
I love you!
write more! <3

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